Preparing for Surgery & Procedures

Patient presents to GP with joint pain and usually decreased mobility

GP refers to Assoc. Prof. Ireland for clinical assessment. Need for patient Joint Replacement identified

Patient to Clinical Nurse Consultant for pathway to admission. Survey questionnaires for pain scores commenced

Patient given pre-op check list and National Joint Registry Information. Commencement of informed consent process and oversight of all education by Clinical Nurse Consultant

Patient referred to Physician / Cardiologist, anaesthetist and joint clinic education program. Referrals given for Pathology, ECG, MRSA, Micro-urine, X Rays prior to physician visit

7-10 days prior to surgery - pre-op instructions, medication review and implementation of cessations

Surgery performed by Assoc. Prof. Ireland

4-5 days post-op, patient transferred from Surgical Ward to Rehabilitation Ward. Patient care monitored by Clinical Nurse Consultant

10-15 days post surgery - discharge from rehabilitation unit

Patient 6 week post-op appointment with Assoc. Prof. Ireland

Pre Operation Information


Rationale: Our research has shown that patients have a more realistic expectation and a better experience from their joint replacement surgery from being involved with our holistic approach to patient service.


Initial Assessment:   After the patient has seen Assoc. Prof. Ireland and found to need a joint replacement they then move through our practice to meet with our Clinical Nurse.

Post Operation Info

The Post-Operation Check List:

  • All Joint Surgery is done at Campbelltown Private every 2nd Monday. Most of the elderly and those with underlying medical problems are nursed in the High Dependency Unit,   post operatively overnight or for a few days.

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  • All patients post operatively have PCA.s [patient controlled analgesia} and femoral nerve blocks for pain. The Spinal Epidural also helps with the pain control for up 7-8 hrs post operatively.

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